Stay informed and read our Safety Policies and Procedures in protecting your children and our staff against the COVID-19 disease.

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Enjoy specifically tailored packages for your child’s needs.
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Kreative Kidz Children’s Center offers exciting programs suitable for children’s needs. We highly suggest families to come to our school before applying. This will help parents and kids to be well aware of our facilities and how we handle our students. To request a tour, you can call us at 301-598-5432 or schedule your visit directly.

Already taken a tour? Apply for admission to our top-quality Kreative Kidz school for the coming year.

We make sure to hire the best teachers to effectively teach your child different life-essentials and knowledge. Our teachers have undergone a series of tests, training sessions, and seminars to fully gear them up with the necessary skills and abilities. It is one of our priorities to build and cultivate your child’s curiosity, creativity, and imagination while fostering a lifelong love for learning.

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Prices & Tuition in Kreative Kidz

We developed a variety of packages to meet your preferences and your child’s needs. For detailed information about the packages and pricing, please click here.

How to Apply for Our Programs

The application starts every January. Note that we have a first-come, first-served policy for all the applicants. We highly encourage you to apply as soon as January starts to have your kids experience top-notch learning programs.

For more detailed information about the ways to apply, please click here.

Information and Tours of Our Facilities

Our facilities are specifically designed to nurture your child’s full potential. It is important that you get to know and see each of our facilities to witness how we handle our students’ growth and development.

To schedule a tour, please click here.