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Before and After school program

Kreative Kidz Children’s Center was founded on the premise that a child’s development is incomplete if social and emotional development is ignored.

We strongly believe that for our InvestiGators to grow, they should be provided an education that goes beyond the confines and resources of our academy. That is the best way to encourage their inquisitive nature, to learn social skills, and to foster independence in each child.

Before School Program

Our Before School Program is designed to allow students a head start in a peaceful environment. Children who participate in this program will be provided with transportation from our program right to the school.

The venue will be staffed with appropriate teachers who will supervise the students in a warm and safe environment. This includes motivating the children and preparing them for the morning ahead. The children will be given a snack to boost energy, will be encouraged to engage with their peers, and receive help with homework.

After School Program

Our After School Program is meant to provide the children under our care a chance to take part in the community and learn valuable social lessons along the way. This includes a variety of activities they can take part in after school.

Children (ages 5 to 12) who participate in the program will be dropped off at our center location where a staff member will be on hand to greet them. There, they will be offered a snack and encouraged to engage in the activities on offer.

The activities on offer are designed to help children develop their motor, social, and personal skills. From conducting science experiments and cooking to working on crafting projects and sports, your child will be motivated and engaged throughout their stay.

The main aim of our before and after school programs is to encourage children to engage in open play, emerge from their shells, and develop their social and emotional capabilities. This includes building community awareness by encouraging them to take part in developing projects, charity drives, fashion shows, concerts, family dinners, and other events that can familiarize them with the world around them.

Similarly, to help them develop social skills, children are also encouraged to build a community among themselves and work together through play. This includes participating in indoor and outdoor activities, such as family games, creating artwork like murals, and taking part in nature play.

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