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Toddler Program

Experimentors (2 - 3 years old )

Enhancing each toddler's understanding of the world

At Kreative Kidz Daycare Center, we believe even the smallest experiences can be used as teachable moments. To nurture this belief, our teachers aid each child under their care to help develop their language and motor skills needed to complete basic tasks and to respond to requests.

We also understand that sometimes, new experiences can be overwhelming. We take special measures to create a safe and comforting learning environment that can help them explore their feelings without fear. This includes encouraging them to take part in activities that can help them connect with their emotions and develop relationships with their friends, family members, and teachers.

Caring and nurturing teachers

Our teachers are trained and experienced in forming caring and nurturing relationships with children. Acting as gentle guides, they stimulate each child’s development by reinforcing the skills that they are taught at home. In other words, while your toddler is at our learning center, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that they are in a stimulating and secure environment.

Toddler-based activities

At the Kreative Kidz Child Care Center, we teach basic life skills in a loving environment. This includes how to:

  • Eat and drink during family meals using utensils and cups.

  • Play with classmates amicably through special activities.

  • Understanding emotions through songs.

  • Remain calm and use coping skills to explain their feelings.

  • Ask for help when they feel frustrated.

  • Use their motor skills using paintbrushes, playdough, and other activities.

  • Dress themselves using dress-up activities.

To develop a love for learning experiences, children are taught to take pride in their accomplishments and to help their classmates via supportive action.


At Kreative Kidz Daycare, we celebrate childhood as well as the joy of learning so that your child can embrace learning experiences. Our InvestiGator™ Club curriculum is used in our two and three-year-old classrooms during each stage of their growth and development.

This system allows us to build on each toddler’s capacity to learn and encourages them to give free rein to their natural curiosity. As a result, it enables each child to learn at their own pace in a school setting that not only challenges them creatively but also helps them develop healthy relationships with their family and peers.

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