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Summer Camp - 2024

Why Summer Camp at Kreative Kids Academy

At the Kreative Kidz Children’s Center, we believe that learning happens inside and outside the classroom. Summer vacation can be a fun and exciting experience for children who participate in our summer camp program. Filled with new and invigorating exploration opportunities, the camp is meant to teach as well as give your children pleasant memories before they resume school.

Our camp ventures inspire participation with hands-on activities, themed events, and field trips while focusing on each child’s individual needs and preferences. This isn’t a school. The camp is a chance to allow kids to just be themselves in a nurturing and supportive environment that encourages play besides learning.

Range of activities that promote learning and friendship

The summer program is updated each year with new activities that are designed to engage from start to finish. These foster creativity while building on skills that your children are already familiar with. Each child is encouraged to explore new skills via hands-on activities that are based around familiar themes.

This includes a project-based approach that encourages each child to choose their own learning experience at their own pace such as the following:​​​

  • Developing their creative side with weekly art projects.

  • Enhancing their cooking skills by learning how to make delicious treats.

  • Encouraging each child to take part in sports activities to improve their social skills.

Turn an ordinary summer into an extraordinary adventure for your children

Our summer camp also includes several activities that children tend to enjoy during their summer vacation. Pool and movie trips are scheduled regularly to keep children entertained and engaged in the program.

Take a look at the exciting new summer activities we have planned this year and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We take each child’s safety very seriously and all of our teachers meet and exceed state requirements as child care providers

Each week features new and exciting exploration opportunities. 

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